Bonna has picked up two prestigious German Design Awards for its East and Softline collections, while the eco-friendly Prints recieved a special mention.


Credited to parent company Kar Porselen, both East (designed by Robin Levien) and Softline (designed by Ahmet Osman Peker) received gold in the Excellent Product Design category for Tabletop, while Prints (designed by Reyhan Tuncer) has a special mention in the Excellent Product Design category for Eco Design. Prints, of course, is produced from 100 per cent recycled materials, while the company  also work with WWF (Wildlife Protection Foundation) Turkey, working to protect animals threatened with extinction.


Of Robin Levien’s East, the  German Design Award jury said: “The design of the East porcelain plate collection, which is inspired by the shape of leaves, cleverly combines Far Eastern aesthetics with European craftsmanship. It is exciting how the designer Robin Levien plays with both the number of leaves and their shape without losing the cohesion of the collection. In this way, the individual pieces in their entirety always remain homogeneous and harmoniously compatible with one another and yet unmistakable. It was also very nicely solved how the plate surface is zoned by the leaf shape in order to optimally bring out the dishes on it according to Asian tradition. A perfectly declined and refreshingly unconventional collection, with interesting details.”


Meanwhile, addressing Softline, the jury said: “The timeless Softline porcelain mug collection with its distinctive two-form design and the exciting mix of traditional and modern materials is a clear and self-confident statement against the use of paper cups and plastic containers in the food and beverage industry. While the cups are narrower in the lower area so that they can be easily grasped, they open into a bowl in the second half, which significantly increases their volume. An ingenious solution through which the cup can also be used for mueslis, fruit salads, etc. In order to underline the to-go character, there is a corrugated silicone coating for the cups, which is simply slipped over the lower area and thus protects the hands from heat, but also makes it safer to hold the cups. And a lid, also made of silicone, ensures that nothing spills out. The fact that the cups, which are available in different colours, can be used over and over again, and that both the porcelain and the silicone can later be returned to the recyclable material cycle, raises awareness of more sustainability in everyday life.”

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