Hospitality Dinnerware award winner – Narumi Corporation – Rydges

Hospitality Dinnerware winner Narumi

Rydges is a bone china collection specifically made for professional use. It boasts of its delicately designed relief and the beautiful luster of white bone china.

Hospitality Dinnerware NARUMI CORPORATIONRydges

The designer says: ‘This is one of the designs that resulted from our several years of work on the theme of “Respect for Nature”. It visualizes the undulations of the earth, created by sedimentation and orogenic movement, and the dynamic stripes that appear as the Antelope Canyon is eroded by wind and rain. While designing, I imagined what it would be like if the earth were cut out and made into a plate.’

Inspired by natural landscapes, the rhythmical relief carved on the white bone china becomes the best canvas for a chef. The depth and width of each plate is carefully designed to enhance the beauty of the food.

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