A finalist in the Tableware International Awards of Excellence 2022 Casual Dinnerware category, we look at Ginori 1735’s ARCADIA, Pursuit of Happiness…

Arcadia by Ginori 1735 is a land of imagination, a world inhabited by fantastic and free creatures, their movement leaving traces of euphoria. It’s on the Venezia form, characterized by the essential roundness of the line, the Utopian cosmos comes to life.

Ginori 1735’s Arcadia is a finalist in the Casual Dinnerware category

The different creatures are filled with inalienable childish joy, free spirited in line and expression. The inhabitants of Arcadia are all able to excite and intrigue to become signs to decode, stories to imagine, surprises to discover. Flowers with eyes, mustached plants, sea horses, angels and devils sprinkled freely, populating the harmony of Italian-style gardens painted on plates, trays, cups and teapots with lightness and delicacy.

Judge’s Comment: “Ginori’s Arcadia can turn any meal into an event to remember. Great colour and pattern combinations help create the experience while staying true to the design heritage of the Ginori brand. Well done!”


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