As the New York Tabletop Show continues – we highlight some exhibitors with showrooms in 41 Madison

Ensemble from Orrefors

Orrefors/ Kosta Boda
Floor 9

During the upcoming New York Tabletop Show, Orrefors will unveil new pieces such as Ensemble. This remarkable collection features two-part vases and containers, created by esteemed British designer, Benjamin Hubert.
Building on the success of the show in April, they are also delighted to present a line extension of Intermezzo Gold. This collection continues to captivate, now showcasing new additions including tumblers, a martini glass, and different wine glasses.
The Kosta Boda brand, meanwhile, will present a vibrant spectrum of colours and captivating artistic forms. An extension of Rocky Baroque will be displayed, in the shades of Emerald Green and Metal.
Look out for new collections, including Pavilion and Companion. Pavilion, a creation of the Swedish design duo Front Design, introduces a wide range of vases in wildly diverse shapes and hues. Companion is designed by renowned artist Bertil Vallien, who celebrates 60 years with Kosta Boda in 2023. /

Vietri can be found on floor 9

Floor 9

Visit Vietri on the ninth floor of 41 Madison to view their must-see showcase. Being able to celebrate the brand’s 40th anniversary and showcasing product that will be introduced in their 41st year in business is a milestone they brand says they are honoured to celebrate and share with partners at The New York Tabletop Show this October.
One of the collection on show will be Medici. A historical symbol of nobility and affluence, the Medicis, an Italian bourgeois family, are most notably recognised for having ruled Florence during the Renaissance. Traditionally, the Medici coat of arms is designed as a blue shield with three golden lilies and five red balls or palle. Some believe the palle represent pills since medici means doctors in Italian or that they are coins representative of the bankers guild. The classic design and subtle elegance of this beautiful collection pay tribute to the noble family and their contribution to Florence’s prosperity as they encouraged art and humanism to flourish while inspiring the Italian Renaissance.

Villeroy & Boch are on floor 18

Villeroy & Boch
Floor 18

Visit Villeroy & Boch at The New York Tabletop Show to see their exceptional collections. Villeroy & Boch has been a world-leader in ceramics for over 270 years. The company’s dinnerware is renowned, setting tables of some of the world’s most famous households and a favorite among the most acclaimed chefs.

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