The New York Tabletop Show opens this week, run by the Tabletop Association and taking place twice yearly, the April 2024 showcase runs from 9-12 April, while the October event runs from 8-11 October, 2024.

Below, TI previews some exhibitors who will showcase their top-tier brands….

over & back can be found on Floor 7 of 41 Madison

over&back; Floor 7

In 2023, over&back revolutionised the dining experience to provide everything you need to set a table, and now, we’re stepping into your kitchen and home with unparalleled style and functionality.

In the dining room, the brand has perfected every detail of your tablescape, offering timeless dinnerware, exquisite table linens, mouth-blown glassware, coordinated linens, and sleek flatware. And in the kitchen, they are equipped to enhance your culinary adventures, from baking to cooking to pantry organisation.

Beyond the dining and kitchen spaces, over&back is dedicated to helping you express your unique design style throughout your entire home with nature-inspired wall art, ornate mirrors, and meticulously crafted decorative objects, all designed to infuse every corner with warmth and personality.

With over 40 years of passion for dinnerware, over&back has mastered the art of setting the table. Now, they are expanding their horizons, introducing a stunning range of products to elevate every aspect of your home.

You will soon find over&back in every major marketplace, where their curated collections await, designed to fulfill every entertainer’s dream. And rest assured, over&back is committed to continually developing high-quality, affordable items so you can entertain, cook, and decorate with ease, creating a space that warmly welcomes guests over and continues to beckon them back #yeslets

Certified International will showcase the French Bee collection

Certified International; Floor 10

Certified International’s new French Bee Collection brings an old-world charm to your table setting, combining the elegance of French-inspired motifs with the rustic charm of countryside beekeeping. Carefully sculpted 3D serveware and accessories perfectly complement these beautiful plates. See them at the New York Tabletop Show.

The Picardie tumblers from Duralex now come in a new colour – blush

Duralex; Floor 18

Duralex presents Picardie Tumblers in a new colour: Blush. Blush is a soft, fresh pink perfect for spring and summer tables and alfresco dining. Consumers can have fun mixing and matching the new shade with the Amber, Green, Marine, and Plum colours. The glass is dyed, or coloured, during the manufacturing process so it is part of the glass. Picardie tumblers are known as the “original French tumblers”. The iconic Picardie glasses are functional and stylish and feel extremely comfortable in the hand. The Picardie tempered glasses are suitable for hot or cold drinks and conveniently stackable. They are also microwave and dishwasher safe, impact and chip resistant, extremely durable and the perfect weight.

Godinger’s Flower plates are to be found on the 14th floor

Godinger; Floor 14

Visit Godinger on the 14th floor of 41 Madison to see these floral plates, designed to elevate your next gathering to an exquisite level. Enhance the aesthetics of your gatherings with the addition of these stunning plates.

Gourmet Settings; Floor 15

At Gourmet Settings, they are constantly refining their flatware, ensuring it’s beautiful, perfectly balanced, and affordable. They are always innovating with production methods – finishing their premium stainless steel better and wasting less material. To design their exclusive, award-winning patterns, their product designers do extensive research into how we eat and how we live. They know the ins and outs of dining and hosting and that flatware should be both practical and enjoyable to use. Visit their 41 Madison showroom to see the collection line-up.

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