Exclusively Digital took place in July.

Exclusively Digital will showcase trend forecasts

Scarlet Opus will explore trend patterns and buying tendencies for new seasons during Exclusively Digital. From 6 July, the trend forecasters will host online seminars on the Exclusively website, including a buyer’s guide for the most ‘on trend’ products being showcased.

Soul searching will be one of the trends explored at Exclusively Digital

There will also be daily webinars through Exclusively Week showing buyers ‘What’s on trend for 2020/21’, videos presenting key products from Scarlet Opus’s extremely popular ‘Trend Hub Display’, and coverage in the flipbook and consumer press. 

“Understanding the causes of trends, why and what they are gives retailers insight into how customers are feeling and what they might want around them. That enables them to tailor an instore experience using the materials, colours, patterns, and shapes that satisfy prevailing needs and desires, which will in turn attract and engage consumers and encourage purchase,” says Phil Pond, who will lead the webinars.

Below is just a taster of what will be explored:

Earth Age:

Awed by the potential of artificial Intelligence and developments in space exploration, we take time to nurture our human qualities, taking us back to the basics and embracing the universal values that bond us together. There is a primal energy to this grounded aesthetic that boasts genuine connections with the earth alongside the integration of technology.  Ancient cultural beliefs, spiritual practices and simple rituals are reframed for modern sensibilities, offering protection, restorative qualities, and stillness.

Earth Age is another trend Scarlet Opus will look at.

Soul Searching:

On this summer’s journey of self-discovery consumers seek liberation from life’s problems. In a world of negativity and uncertainty we choose to escape to find beauty and contentment.  Wellbeing retreats and temples provide inspiration for relaxed lifestyles and décor as people look to improve their emotional, physical, and spiritual health.  In the search for greater meaning, understanding and freedom we transform our homes and outdoor spaces into personal retreats, where we can nurture ourselves and cultivate happiness.


This trend is a pact between people and planet; readdressing our environmental impact; via unconventional approaches and applications that harness the power of science and technology.  A move towards the natural environment and the built environment merging to act as one. Designers, architects, manufacturers, and retailers are the facilitators, but consumers are ultimately the agents of change, adjusting their behaviour to the needs of the planet.  From ‘reversible design’ systems to biodegradable material innovations, conscientious creatives utilise resources, rethink waste, and consider manufacturing processes.  This is the time to be audacious.  This is the time to be a force for good.

The Scarlet Opus webinars take place daily throughout the week of Exclusively Digital starting on 6 July.  Buyers, exhibitors, journalists and influencers can all access the latest trends webinars on www.exclusivelyshows.co.uk.  More information can be obtained from the BHETA Member Services Team on 07946 078566, or email na@bheta.co.uk.

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