Two years in development, Spanish designer Patricia Urquiol’s Landscape collection for Rosenthal showcases an exploration of design capabilities for Rosenthal’s creative design team and technicians.

Think a myriad of three-dimensional patterns on porcelain – in fact, there are seven different reliefs – each telling their own story, each individual.

Of the collection, Rosenthal says: “Patricia Urquiola’s design combines western tabletop culture with the oriental tradition of spontaneous and versatile tableware usage. The characteristic design of the dining concept comes to the fore on the plates with their relinquished borders particularly well. Different three-dimensional patterns lend the porcelain series an extra dimension and emphasise its high quality.”

Based in Milan, the designer finds inspiration in her surroundings: “It can sometimes be an emotional experience, but equally something very simple from everyday life that plants the seed of an idea in my head. I find that the design process is full of surprises – you come up with an idea and throw other ingredients into the mix, but you never know what you will end up with.”

Her designs – mainly furniture, but also lights, carpets and rugs, and table objects – are perfectly proportioned and exude comfort and simple elegance.

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