Lifetime Brands supports sustainability

In the run up to World Earth Day, Lifetime Brands celebrates its ongoing partnership with Earthly and its sustainability successes and goals.

 “Since 1850, we’ve navigated countless challenges and we’ve grown and adapted every time. Navigating climate change is no exception,” says Claire Budgen, commercial & marketing director.

Lifetime Brands x Earthly

“It is our pleasure to be partnered with Earthly, supporting three climate-change-reversing, carbon-busting projects. We offset our shipping emissions through donations to these projects, protecting and regenerating precious ecosystems. To give just one example, in Madagascar we’re helping to tackle climate change one mangrove at a time, supporting the planting of thousands of trees. Our overall live online tracker for these projects can be accessed via our Market Place dashboard – – so our customers can see our contribution to sustainable projects at the click of a button. So far, together, we’ve planted 4,805 trees and supported 5,224,043sqm of habitat!” says Claire.

Carbon positive shipping

“Naturally, our number one goal is to reduce our carbon footprint. With the help of Earthly we have been carbon positive on our shipping since 2021” says Claire.

Lifetime Brands doesn’t stop there. Their Birmingham HQ was designed with sustainability in mind. The gas supply is 100% renewable, made ethically from grass cuttings. There is no need for heating services in the large warehouse, the ambient temperature will always remain constant. Welfare facilities are state-of-the-art from aerated taps to water management systems, and electric vehicle charging points in the car park. Everything has been thought through – bubble wrap alternatives and void fill paper are recyclable, biodegradable and made from 100% recycled paper. 100% of any waste card and shrink wrap from Lifetime’s warehouse operations is recycled. 

The MasterClass Eco range

MasterClass Eco

“We’re committed to sustainability from products to packaging. Take our growing MasterClass eco range. Most recently we’ve launched a market first, MasterClass recycled bakeware – made from 100% recycled aluminium which also uses 95% less energy to produce than primary aluminium. There simply isn’t anything like it on the market. Coupled with the fact that it is PFA free too. We are committed to transparency so you and your customers can be sure you are supporting innovation that reduces waste by making it into new products. Our MasterClass recycled bakeware range has passed the Global Recycling Standard (GRS) – a voluntary product standard for tracking and verifying the content of recycled materials in the final product as well as responsible social, environmental and chemical practices in production. Our sustainability committee is working hard behind the scenes and is committed to building a greener future – being the forward-thinking business our customers expect us to be. These are some of our first steps and successes – they certainly won’t be our last!” says Claire.

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