Dibbern has collaborated with contemporary artist Anna Pascher on a new collection, Brasserie.

The contemporary artist from Düsseldorf invites her spectators with her large-format works into the world of everyday objects and transforms table scenes into colourful, lively still lifes.

Anna’s surreal table scenes, in which she playfully captures elements and delicacies of French cuisine, are particularly fascinating. The theme of table culture, eating together with family and friends plays a central role in her work.

With the ‘Brasserie’ collection, Dibbern wanted to create a bistro series that combines theirs and Anna Pascher’s passion for table settings. The series is the result of a harmonious collaboration in which Anna Pacher’s art, her personal history and our expertise in porcelain manufacturing are stylishly combined. The choice of the colour “navy blue” in her designs not only reflects the artist’s preferred hue, but also ties in with the traditional use of blue in porcelain painting.


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