Porland has added new décors to Re-gen, a series created using recycled porcelain.

In addition to the original Re-Gen décor, Porland has added four new patterns – Salda, Ontario, and Birdsong which are available as six-piece sets or dinnerware set. There is also the colourful One & Only three-piece dinnerware set, featuring the moon and stars, which is also part of the Re-gen series.

The Salda décor
One & Only coasters

In creating the new collections, Porland partnered with the Yuvam Dünya Association, whose work focuses on the climate crisis.

In 2021, Porland says it prevented the emission of 735.13 tons of carbon dioxide (CO2) by recycling 301.2 tons of raw materials in 2021. Now, the new Re-gen series is produced by recycling approximately 150 tons of coloured porcelain shards. The company adds: “Through this series, Porland sets a global precedent by offering consumers 100 per cent recycled and vegan products”.

The Birdsong décor
The Ontario décor

Regarding the collaboration with Yuvam Dünya Association, of which she is also a co-founder, Imge Pamukçu, board member of Porland said: “At Porland, we perceive the environment as a valuable treasure and believe it should be preserved in the best possible way for future generations. We view our efforts to combat climate change not only as a necessity to improve our future quality of life and eliminate risks but also as an important approach to reducing operational costs and gaining a competitive advantage in the future economic landscape. Our endeavors to enhance energy efficiency and reduce greenhouse gas emissions constitute a significant portion of our initiatives to combat climate change. We are delighted about the collaboration we have initiated with Yuvam Dünya Association, which aligns with our vision. Users who purchase the Re-gen One & Only series from our stores will not only enhance the aesthetics of their dining tables but also support Yuvam Dünya Association. We hope that through these endeavours, we will contribute to sustainability and raise awareness among our consumers.


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