This year, Stölzle Lausitz unveiled six new series designed for the foodservice industry. Think stemware, tumblers, a coloured collection and even a unique range which resembles stones.

Let’s take a closer look:


Cocoon: The Cocoon series consists of Burgundy glass, red and white wine glass, Bordeaux glass, Champagne glass, and two tumblers intended for red and white wine. The Cocoon Glass is the result of an innovative development process, in which the brand consciously decided to take a risk and try something new. The goal was to combine exceptional design with a higher degree of functionality. Through the use of cutting-edge technologies, a cocoon-like structure was developed to emphasize the aromas of your favourite wine and bring them to the forefront with the slightest swirl. The longer you leave your wine in the “COCOON”, the more its flavour undergoes a metamorphosis. They also aimed to make the glass look mouth-blown and invested much effort to achieve both the delicate glass walls and the particularly finely drawn stem, which complete the Cocoon taste experience.


Fino: The Fino range consists of red and white wine glasses and a champagne glass. Fino also impresses with extreme delicacy: with ultra-thin walls, an ultra-thin and elegantly drawn stem, and a feather-light base. Each glass is machined with the greatest precision and offers an exceptionally light and elegant drinking experience. The Fino glasses are suitable for all types of wines and represent a return to the classic minimalist form of wine glass. Functionality is given, but here the quality of the glass is really the focus. The series is characterised by its low weight of 120-125 g and its simple elegance.

The Symphony Collection

Symphony: The Symphony range consists of burgundy glass, red and white wine glass, Bordeaux glass, champagne glass, and two tumblers intended for red and white wine and a long drink glass. The stem glass from the Symphony collection is an example of exceptional design and advanced manufacturing technology. With its subtle appearance and clear silhouette, it stands out from ordinary glasses. Strictly functional yet distinctive designs make them eye-catching and give them a timeless aesthetic. The special feature of the glass is the fine vertical structure inside, which discreetly expands the inner surface of the glass. This allows for an increased surface area when swirling the wine for improved aeration and optimised development of the aromas. The stem of the goblet has no seam, the goblet is perfectly balanced and pleasing to hold.


Mirrors: The Mirrors range consists of five colourful tumblers. Vintage, modern, wacky, timeless, or simply trend-setting? The tumblers from the “Mirrors” series will captivate you with their mesmerising design, which shimmers and sparkles in any light. These glasses have the ability to cast a spell over you, making them an enchanting addition to any setting. Robust and perfectly balanced, these cups make every event a highlight.


The Stones: The Stölzle Stones are notable for their realistic stone appearance and unique touch. They eliminate fingerprints while still providing easy and clever handling, making “THE STONES” a must-have at home as well as for the catering industry. 


Soho: Haptics you wouldn’t expect from any glass. Classic and yet so different. SOHO glasses are the eye-catcher par excellence in the private bar or restaurant.

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