To mark 70 years of Teema, Iittala has introduced three new nostalgic colourways – vintage blue, vintage brown and neutral linen.

In 1952, Finnish designer Kaj Franck changed our understanding of tableware with the launch
of a groundbreaking collection. Seventy years later, Teema continues to resonate and has
become a reference and an icon of functional, Nordic design

Known as the ‘conscience of Finnish design,’ Kaj Franck’s pioneering beliefs in sustainability, equality and moderation fueled his revolutionary vision. With the iconic Teema (First introduced as Kilta in 1952. Kilta’s design was revisited and renewed by Franck in 1981 and then renamed Teema), Franck created a collection that embodied his values and set a new standard for tableware. After seventy years that continues to have an impact for future generations.

Three new colourways join Teema, including vintage brown and neutral linen

Teema’s multifunctionality, simplified forms, combinability and high quality form a
collection which has stood the test of time. Teema continues to resonate with new generations; it serves all today’s needs and adjusts to various food cultures.
With Teema (Kilta) Franck wanted to create an alternative to the elaborate dinner services of the era that were impractical in both design and function as well as being unaffordable for many: a common dinner service could include over fifty different pieces to be complete. His innovative solution led to what was a groundbreaking idea at the time: to produce a set of dozen multifunctional pieces, which were practical and combinable, in basic colours and at a reasonable price.

An enduring classic, Teema is 70-years old

The idea was that the items could be used individually or combined together, suiting different households and their needs. After the wars, homes and kitchens in Finland became smaller, and a more limited set of dishes was more functional from the point of view of storage space. The same features make Teema suitable for today’s homes in cities all over the world, and the lifestyle of owning less but high-quality.

Staying true to Franck’s vision, Teema today consists entirely of everyday essentials that are multifunctional, stackable, durable and versatile. Each item is oven, freezer, microwave and dishwasher safe so that Teema serves every kitchen need from food prep to cooking, serving and dining. Teema’s wide range of hues vary from bright and vibrant to delicate and calm shades, making it possible to create endless combinations to suit any occasion.

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