In collaboration with Moomin, Stelton launches its first collection with illustrations from the world-renowned world of the Moomins; a family of adventurous trolls who live in Moomin Valley with their friends.

Swedish speaking writer and artist Tove Jansson, who grew up in Finland, achieved worldwide fame as the creator of the Moomin stories, written and illustrated between 1945 and 1980. The stories of the Moomins and their friends have been translated into more than fifty languages and the white and roundish trolls with large snouts are loved by people of all ages all over the world.

“We are very excited about this collaboration, particularly as the Moomins have such a wide appeal to both young and old”, says Michael Ring, CEO, Stelton. “With new books being published and new animated movies coming out, we believe there will only be an increased interest in Moomin in the coming years and we are happy to be part of the journey.”

The initial collection will include a to go cup and drinking bottle featuring illustrations from the world of the Moomins. “The Moomins and their friends are a curious bunch of characters that like to explore their surroundings. Their key values include adventure, freedom and respect for nature. Therefore, it seems only natural that our assortment corresponds well with these values,” says Michael Ring.

The Moomin To Go Click thermo cup lets you enjoy hot and cold drinks when you are out and about, exploring the city, travelling the world, taking a stroll in the forest or simply going to and from school or work. With the To Go Click cup you can avoid disposable cups by bringing your own coffee or iced tea. The Moomin To Go Click cup is easy to use: by lightly pressing the top, the cup opens, and you can drink from it from any side. Press again and the cup closes. The Moomin To Go Click thermo cup is available in 0.2 l and 0.4 l versions, with a full steel body with vacuum, ensuring your favourite drink stays hot or cold for hours – enough time for a bit of exploring.

Whether you prefer regular water, juice, iced tea or soda when on-the-go, the Moomin drinking bottle is perfect for keeping your favourite drink cold and will keep you from buying single-use water bottles. The Moomin drinking bottle is made of high-quality stainless steel, which can be refilled over and over, and holds 0,75 l.

The characters featured on the to go cup and drinking bottle include Moomintroll, Moominpappa, Little My and Snorkmaiden.

The new Stelton x Moomin collection will be in stores from June 2020.

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