41 Madison Preview: Ginori 1735

Il viaggio di Nettuno

See London artist Luke Edward Hall’s continued collaboration with Ginori 1735 on the dynamically designed, Il viaggio di Nettuno, at 41 Madison. The collection, driven by Hall’s clear passion for Greco-Roman mythology, has been enriched with fresh elements that unveil new mythological characters, always maintaining a reference to the depths of the sea.

Il viaggio di Nettuno, designed by Luke Edward Hall, now boasts new extensions to the collection.

A mermaid, mythological creature famous for her melodious song, lays on a vide poche tray to enchant sailors. Neptune, god of the sea, shown holding the trident, is the protagonist of the new charger plate. Bronze busts with male and female faces that bring to mind submerged treasures appear on a mug, while patterns evoking the marine ecosystem characterise the four coasters, perfect as a gift for a special occasion or to give a table setting an extra something special.

Il viaggio di Nettuno is a collection where the playful evocations of Luke Edward Hall are skillfully brought to porcelain thanks to the craftsmanship of Manifattura Ginori 1735.

See them on Floor 17.


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