Zieher has introduced an innovative new buffet system as part of its novelties for 2022. Glow is an elevated offering from Zieher, boasting filigree displays and frames with integrated lighting.

The matt black coating of these slim but still extremely sturdy lighting objects remains discreetly in the background and leaves the presentation of dishes to the warm and glare-free light.

Glow is a flexible system that creates unmatched buffet stagings. The filigree construction not only allows food and beverages to be presented on the displays, their inner side also creates enough space  to effectively present delicacies in the right light.

All elements can be used lying or upright and create presentation levels at different heights – the basis for varied and appealing buffet arrangements. Two connecting boards made of bent sheet metal can be attached as desired and thus enable the flexib le construction of several elements – even across corners. Matching buffet platters made of glass or laminated plastic, as well as trays made of melamine, complete the system.


Tableware International

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