Portuguese brand SPAL recently introduced four new collections during June’s Portugal Home Week.

Hero collections Gingko and Bilbao were joined by the Venice and Ikat assortments.

The Ginkgo collection

The Gingko collection has been inspired by leaves of the Gingko Biloba tree – the decor showcasing the metamorphosis process the leaves go through during their life cycle, with a contrast between green and golden tones.

Symbolically, SPAL says this collection represents longevity and resistance, concepts that it manages to highlight thanks to the timelessness of its graphics.

The Bilbao collection

Meanwhile, with Bilbao geometric elements have been developed with a futuristic concept, in the scale of greys, complemented with gold details, allows movement and a different glow to each look. This optical illusion makes each piece magical, sophisticated and unique.

The Venice collection

SPAL also presented Venice. The chosen colour palette, aqua and coral, represent chromatically very distinct tones, yet when put together result in a perfect symbiosis. Beyond what is possible to retain visually, the brand bet in a second sensory experience, being possible to feel the relief of the decoration of the pieces in an allusion to marine fossils.

The Ikat collection

Finally, Ikat was developed under the concept of one of the oldest techniques of manual weaving. The Ikat collection combines, in an exquisite way, a pattern often applied in textiles with an elegant gold filament. When combined, the pieces that make up the collection manage, through the pattern and colour patches, to create a harmonious involvement with a great personality. 


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