New introduction for 2020

Vista Alegre’s Constellation d’Or, a new launch for 2020, showcases the Portuguese porcelain authority’s incredible eye for décor and detail. Deep blue combines with gold accents on a base of stark white to make the 23-piece collection a treat for the eyes… and table.

Deep blue combines with gold accents on a stark white background for a classic colour combination.

But it is not just the classic colourways, Vista Alegre has employed ago-old technique in the décor too.

Explaining the process, Vista Alegre says: “The application of gold in pieces, defining various textures, was used in the porcelain of Sèvres in the late 18th century. Known as “pointillé d’or” or “sablé d’or” (or even “partridge eye”), these motifs mixed golden dots with shades of blue fire, forming small circles. The Constellation d’Or service recreates these geometric patterns and modernises them, keeping the same decorative technique. On the backdrop of white heavens embossed with gold, the blue-gold constellations’ shines forth.”

The collection comprises 23 pieces, including this impactful soup plate.

Comprising everything from a vase, to a centre piece, to a sugar box, the complete collection – with its intricate geometric patterns – is a gorgeous modern interpretation of classic motifs.

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