Hering Berlin has introduced a new glass collection – AMP. Designed specifically as a vessel for water, the AMP series includes a carafe and glass and blends harmoniously into any set table.

Stefanie Hering’s design means the glass fits easily on the carafe, with the collection – which was mouth-blown in a Polish glassworks – coming in two colourways, clear and amber-yellow.

AMP is a new glass series by Hering Berlin

These two colour variants make the AMP collection the perfect complement to the Hering Berlin table collections: The neutral clear glass variant goes particularly well with puristic series such as Velvet or Pulse, with collections with strong colored glazes such as Silent Iron, Obsidian, Emerald or with the floral decor of Palm House X. The amber variant, blown as a flashed glass, harmonises particularly well with all collections with gold tones: Silent Brass, Illusion, Orbit or Alif. Both glass variants can also be used together, for example to distinguish between still and sparkling water, say Hering Berlin.

The glass fits perfectly into the carafe

Stefanie Hering started the design process with lots of drawings before the first 3D models were made to build the tools needed. In addition to purely aesthetic aspects, functional aspects also played a decisive role in the design: the experienced designer was not only concerned with the direct handling of the carafe and glasses when filling, pouring and cleaning – the AMP objects can be easily washed by hand, but are also dishwasher safe.

The series has been designed specifically for water

Stefanie Hering also constructed the shapes in such a way that when the carafes and glasses are placed close together, they only touch at the bellies and never at the drinking rim. Due to this special shape, the AMP objects are not only protected in the cupboard, but also in the dishwasher.

Hering Berlin add that the robustness of the collection make it perfect for private households and offices as well as for top international restaurateurs.


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