Zwiesel Glas and Fortessa announce merger

Prof Dr Buske, CEO of Zwiesel Glas, pictured with Fortessa's CEO Scott Hamberger

Zwiesel Kristallglas AG (Zwiesel Glas) and Fortessa Tableware Solutions, LLC (Fortessa) have announced their merger.

The combined strength of the two leading houses creates a unique global company within the tableware industry and allows them to now bundle all joint activities. The aim is to become the world market leader for exceptional tableware.

As a global market leader in the crystal glass segment for the upscale hotel and catering industry, in the past financial year, Zwiesel Glas reached profits of over EUR100 million for the first time.

With its strong market position in the tableware sector, Fortessa already serves 80 per cent of North American high-end hotels and is in most leading lifestyle retailers.

The immense potential of this cooperation was already evident at the beginning of the year with the expansion of United Tables. Under the shared brand, the two companies offer a harmonious interplay of glass, porcelain and cutlery while offering unique professional concepts for an enjoyable get-together at the table.

For Zwiesel Glas and Fortessa, the merger is a logical step in strategic development and international positioning.

 “We share a strong vision for our future: We want to be the worldwide brands for all moments that make life special”, says Prof Dr Buske, CEO of Zwiesel Glas. “Through the merger, around 900 people will work in the future to turn this vision into a reality.”

Fortessa’s CEO, Scott Hamberger, adds that aside from the shared vision, the partnership brings promising economic and economic factors: “Together we can offer our customers, our companies, our brands and all the people who we work with strength and security into the future.”

The existing companies Zwiesel Kristallglas AG and Fortessa Tableware Solutions will continue to operate independently in the future. Prof. Dr. Buske will continue to act as a member of the management Board of Zwiesel Glas and as chairman of the supervisory board of Fortessa. Scott Hamberger will remain CEO of Fortessa and become deputy chairman of the supervisory board of Zwiesel Glas. Fortessa will continue to serve the North American market in the future while Zwiesel Glas will continue to produce in Zwiesel and Hungary.

Both United Tables, Zwiesel Glas will further manage business for the German-speaking area and the other world markets.

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