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Utopia Tableware is planning its biggest new product launch in a decade for spring 2023. As the HoReCa market comes back to normality, the company has been developing new designs with partners around the world.

The result is a massive launch of over 460 new products, due to be unveiled at the Ambiente Show in Frankfurt, 3-7 February 2023.

“We are very excited to show the market our new launches,” says Josh Rammell, marketing manager at Utopia. “They have taken a huge amount of work but we are just about there now. We have a massive range to talk about, from really arresting new ideas for the adventurous to subtle, interesting concepts for the sophisticated – and everything in between.”
Here are some of the highlights:

The trend for a more relaxed style of fine dining inspired the new Circus range. This includes all the pieces needed for hospitality, including plates, bowls, platters, jugs and ramekins. It features sophisticated matt colours and an understated yet eye-catching swirling spiral design. Circus is available in three colourways, Denim (dark matt blue), Chambray (light matt blue) and Raven (matt black). The design is created through digitally controlled processes, guaranteeing the quality on each piece. Its sophisticated yet laid back look makes it ideal for upmarket dining, and the matt style fits in with the trend for earthier, natural tones and styles.

Utopia at Ambiente 2023

Taking its inspiration from the bright vivid tones of the aurora borealis, Aurora is a range made from high quality vitrified porcelain with a vibrant green, brown, blue and white gloss interior and a natural finish on the outside. Each piece is hand glazed by skilled artisans, and creates a dramatic presentation with a look that is reminiscent of both the earth and the night sky. The range includes seven different pieces, including plates, bowls, and a chip cup.

Building on the “rustic luxury” trend, the Enigma collection combines the precision and quality expected for quality dining with one-of-a-kind patterns in organic earthy patterns. The collection is made up of seven pieces, including plates and bowls. Made from high quality vitrified porcelain each piece is decorated with unique reactive glazes in shades of grey and brown. The bespoke natural forms and the generous sizes of the range help add a touch of theatre to the presentation.

Scout is an exciting new eight piece range including bowls, plates, a dip pot and mug. It uses a new hybrid clay, which is somewhere between stoneware and porcelain. This combines the creativity and flexibility of shape and colour that stoneware allows and the strength of porcelain, making it ideal for a range of hospitality environments. It combines a subtle yet rich green glace on the interior and an unfinished brown clay look on the outside, with a subtle line around the rim creating a dramatic yet understated presentation for a range of cuisines.

The rustic luxury trend has been increasingly popular in recent years, as operators look for pieces that combine authentic colours and styles with the precision and quality of modern high quality tableware. Made in Portugal, Kalahari is a stoneware range designed specifically for the hospitality sector. It features a rich mustard glaze with darker flecks that provides a warmth and a unique style

Oxy was one of Utopia’s most popular new product launches of 2021, and has now been expanded to include a wide brimmed pasta bowl, a serving dish and a noodle bowl to provide even greater flexibility for businesses looking for a luxuriously dramatic presentation. Drawing inspiration from contemporary oriental styles, the range features a dark satin glaze hand decorated with fiery red and gold flecks to create a unique and dramatic serving. It is made with vitrified porcelain, guaranteeing the strength and durability required in hospitality.


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