The winner of Casual Dinnerware: Bonna – Pott Bowl

Paul Yeomans and Erbil Askan

Focus, feel, smell and taste. The Pott Bowl has been specially designed for “bowl food” culture – the nouveau and colourful stop of culinary journeys! With its earth-toned natural appearance, reactive glaze application and artistry relief details coming from the pottery tradition, Pott Bowl Collection puts the food on the spotlight; allows you create presentations to be appreciated with mindfulness and pleasure.

“Beautiful glaze treatment. Looks simple but hard to do”

Said Our panel:

The new, colourful and full stop of the culinary journeys has been specially designed for food culture. Creating a new touch to bowls with handmade style, natural pottery theory and different colour alternatives. It will make the user feel special thanks to a formula that reflects the traditional potter’s art.

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