Francéclat, the association responsible for supporting French crafts such as tableware, watchmaking/clockmaking and jewellery has given insight into seasonal trends in tabletop. Illustrated by a selection of products from French brands, the winter theme is ‘Tables from times gone by’

“The look emphasises natural colours and rusted or patinated materials, but still gives a more contemporary take on them, where raw materials are showcased,” they say.

Colours – colours are straight from the countryside with rusty reds, browns, mineral grey, khaki, etc. In terms of harmonies, shades of grey or grey-green are combined in subtle contrasts with rusty ochres.

Materials and motifs – the materials showcase the irregularity and poetry of the patinas on authentic stoneware and earthenware. In terms of motifs, there are hand-impressed patterns, mixes of clays and decorations inspired by winter plants.

Shapes and finishes – shapes inspired by the land are modernised to elevate natural materials. In terms of finishes, designs play with mixtures of glossy and matt and natural, irregular finishes.

Francéclat’s trends are based on a foresight study carried out in 2020 for the 2022 Influences booklet, the organisation provides an insight into seasonal trends in tableware, illustrated by a selection of products by French brands.

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