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Interior designer Sheila Bridges collaborates with Wedgwood on limited-edition collection

Famed American interior designer Sheila Bridges has collaborated with Wedgwood on a limited-edition capsule collection of tableware and teaware pieces. The design is inspired...

Let’s look at… Wedgwood’s White Folia

Wedgwood added to its White Folia collection earlier this year with the addition of four new pieces. White Folia features organic linear designs (inspired by...

Welcome Wedgwood’s Renaissance Red

With an imminent release date planned, Wedgwood’s Renaissance Red is set to make an impact at retail – the colourway particularly apt as the...

Wedgwood introduces Folia Jasper Mini Pots

Crafted from famed jasperware Wedgwood has introduced a new collection of multifunctional mini pots to its range. Sporting the Folia pattern and crafted from famed, über...
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