Sieger By Fürstenberg has introduced a new décor to the My China! series – Paraíso Blue. The 35-piece collection, which becomes available from the beginning of June 2024, tells a lavish story about the beauty of nature. Think tropical plants and wild animals such as leopards, parrots and toucans, and you’ll be transported to far-flung places all over the world. Working with meticulous attention to detail, designer Michael Sieger has created an elegant portrait of nature, which begs to be constantly rediscovered piece by piece.

Note the gold star which adorns each piece

A gold star, applied and polished by hand, adorns every item in the collection. On the plates, bowls and tea set, it’s individually integrated into the decor on the outside, while on the cups it’s on the inside, so you can still see it as you enjoy your drink. This decorative element is both a playful nod to gourmet cuisine and a testament to the artisanry with which each piece is individually handcrafted by Porzellanmanufaktur Fürstenberg.

The decor is in a timeless blue-grey shade, and on each piece is bordered by two lines. “In my eyes, it has the flair of a fine trattoria that serves simple but surprisingly good fare and has a very personal, intimate atmosphere,” explains Michael. “Our porcelain invites people to enjoy a relaxed meal together. Bringing la dolce vita – or, as we also say, the good life – to your own home.”

The MY CHINA! Paraíso Blue collection comprises 35 cylindrical and coupe-shaped pieces. They are extremely fine, with a wall thickness of just 2.5 millimetres. Like the other MY CHINA! decors, it is dishwasher-safe and can be flexibly mixed and matched – for instance, with plain white or gold-patterned porcelain – thanks to the uniform diameters and dimensions.

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