SIEGER by FÜRSTENBERG has added six fresh decors to the Sip of Gold champagne tumbler series. Available from the end of March/beginning of April 2023, two new decors have each been added to the The Sparkling 4 & Friends series, the Paraíso series and Beautiful Creatures.  

Peace Man & Love Ly are the latest additions to The Sparkling 4 & Friends joining 12 other porcelain tumblers featuring superheroes and comic imagery. The Sparkling 4 & Friends’ collective mission is to promote diversity and tolerance. That’s why part of the proceeds goes to some true everyday heroes: the Germany-based Network for Democracy and Courage (NDC), which SIEGER has been partnered with since 2018. The NDC team works to help build a pluralistic society and tackle discrimination and hate.

The new Sparkling 4 & Friends decors

Meanwhile, the Beautiful Creatures series has been expanded to include two new animal decors that couldn’t be more different at first glance – the sharks and the kiwis. All the species featured in the Beautiful Creatures series are endangered, hunted by humans or living in at-risk habitats. That’s why part of the proceeds will be donated to the animal rescue organisation National Park Rescue. Their ranger and patrol teams protect African national parks and operate strategic, long-term conservation projects.

The Sharks from Beautiful Creatures
The Jungle decor from Paraíso

Finally, last year, SIEGER by FÜRSTENBERG released the dinner service decor Paraíso, whose imaginative designs pay homage to the beauty of the earth and the diversity of human cultures. Two of the designs have now been reinterpreted for the Sip of Gold champagne tumblers. Coloured Stars blazes a trail with its overbrimming energy and positive symbolism. A veritable explosion of colours! Meanwhile, the new tumbler Jungle shows a stunning image of nature. The beautiful flora and fauna of the tropical rainforest will have you dreaming of adventures in far-off places. Handcrafted and plated with 24-carat gold on the inside, these two porcelain tumblers are truly exceptional, one-of-a-kind pieces.

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