RIG‑TIG is elevating serveware with its Serve‑It serving tray.

Available in two sizes – large (40 cm) and small (16 cm) – Serve‑It features an on‑trend white terrazzo design. The versatile piece is a great addition to the tablescape but also adds an extra dimension to home decor.

Serve-It boasts a white terrazzo decor

Crafted with care and attention to detail, the white terrazzo material is boasts several on-trend colourways, creating a textured and unique pattern. This makes it the ideal platform for presenting your favourite snacks, delicate cold cuts, or delicious cheeses. In addition to its function as a serving platter, SERVE-IT can also be used as a decorative base in the kitchen for your salt and pepper set, cooking oil, and herbs.

Behind the SERVE-IT serving tray is RIG-TIG’s design philosophy, aiming to create products that are not only beautiful but also practical and innovative. The RIG-TIG team consists of both Danish and international designers who have together created a range of award-winning products with clever features to meet the busy demands of the kitchen.


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