Riedel Veloce winner of the Hospitality Glassware award

Hospitality Glassware Riedel

RIEDEL VELOCE is a new, impressive development based on state-of-the-art technology.

A specially developed machine, at Riedel’s Weiden factory, enables the company to draw stems that are the equal of those made by hand by a master glassmaker. The base, with a diameter of 100 mm, is a new standard for large glass shapes and is the maximum that can be produced by machine.

Hospitality Glassware RIEDEL THE WINE GLASS COMPANYRiedel Veloce

RIEDEL VELOCE – the lightness of pleasure. Looks and feels handmade! This new glass collection is, in fact, produced by machine, using new, cutting-edge technologies and is a true precision tool. Wine-lovers the world over understand that Riedel wine glasses are developed in different shapes and sizes, for specific grape varieties. Only such advanced machine production can guarantee such precise glass design language, in harmony with the respective profile of grape variety.


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