Revol introduces eco-friendly collection

No.W is a new eco-friendly collection from Revol.

No.W  is made from recycled ceramic clay and enamels

Revol has introduced a new, eco-friendly collection made from recycled ceramic clay and enamels.

No.W is part of the company’s efforts to significantly reduce the use of water and primary minerals in its porcelain production.

Revol has developed Recyclay – a new way of processing its industrial waste water. It means they can purify the water and return it to its natural state while recovering the mineral matter in suspension that come from the clays and enamels. From this, Revol can create a new ceramic clay with the same technical properties as other Revol ceramics – and they are applying for a patent.

The collection is made from Recyclay – a new way of processing its industrial waste water

The new collection No.W is the first to be made from Recyclay with Revol describing it as “a simple, subtle and durable hand-made range, but also one of the most robust and functional for professional chefs”.

The launch comes as part of the company’s eco-commitment for 2020 which was to reincorporate its industrial waste water into its production process meaning they will use 80 fewer tonnes of primary materials (kaolin, feldspath, clay, silica).

No.W will be showcased by Revol USA at the upcoming 41 Madison.

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