Product Focus: Komon Japanese Porcelain Collection

The Komon collection has proven hugely popular for Noritake.

Take a moment to appreciate the strikingly different Komon Japanese Porcelain Collection.  

The monochrome assortment with five different patterns is crafted by Victory Ceramics, a small boutique manufacturer in the Aichi prefecture, based just outside of Nagoya, Japan.

A partner factory of Noritake, the collection has proven hugely popular for Noritake Australia. In fact, Komon is proving so popular they have not been able to keep up with demand for it this year.

The collection comes with five different patterns.

Presented in a monochrome colourway, the collection comes in five patterns – five being a significant number in Japanese food culture. The Power of Five teaches that food should be enjoyed with all five senses, and interestingly, dinnerware is sold in sets of five.

The Komon range’s five patterns are:

Yagasuri: Depicting fletching (the feathers of arrows). A pattern that signifies steadfastness an determination.

Ishidatami: Checkerboard pattern that has been used for many, many years in different colourways.

Seigaiha: ‘Blue ocean waves’ considered a symbol of peace, good luck and good fortune.

Kanoki Shibori: Small dot patterns produced by the ancient art of resist-dyeing.

Asanoha: Geometric design of hemp leaves, which has long been an important plant in Japan. Represents growth and good health.

Each piece is sold in a set of five.

The range comprises pasta, cake and bread and butter plates plus coupe soup bowls, large and small bowls. And in keeping with the Power of Five… each piece is sold in a set of five.

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