The New York Tabletop Show opens this week running from 18 April through to 21 April – we highlight some key exhibitors  

Noritake will present a series of microwave-safe metals intended for daily use at The New York Tabletop Show, from their showroom on Floor 7.

Blue Rill (pictured above) showcases a bold presentation of blue on white porcelain. Each item features a classic outer band of microwave-safe platinum, while the shades of blue appear in a super-modern blurred composition. The amount of blue presented varies per item, creating visual interest within the pattern itself.

Laurelvale, Noritake

Next is Laurelvale, a charming and elegant pattern on white porcelain. Items in Laurelvale feature a juxtaposition of a deconstructed Greek key design paired with solid bands in shades of grey with a flourish of leaves and branches. Additionally, items are embellished with raised enamel dots and 2 types of platinum banding. One band is the etched key pattern, and the other is a solid presentation of hand-applied platinum.

Tozan, Noritake

Meanwhile, Tozan is a tone-on-tone design on white porcelain. Each item features a chocolate-brown base with abstract flecks of a darker brown, created in a glossy texture to provide depth and interest. Tozan also features the modern option of microwave-safe gold! All are dishwasher and microwave safe and intended for daily use.

Find them: Floor 7, NY Tabletop Show, 41 Madison

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