A finalist in the Tableware International Awards of Excellence 2022 Fine Dinnerware category, we look at Porcel’s Maris d’Or…

Maris d’Or is a beautiful new shape designed by Porcel with the wish of bringing to the table an original contour and an elegant golden outline. The name of this new collection comes from the Latin Maris – “of the sea” – due to the gentle inspiration of ocean elements.

Porcel’s Maris d’Or is a finalist in the Fine Dinnerware category

The wavy curves around each piece resemble soft movements of the waves, as well as the imprints its gentle swing leaves on the sand.

The three pieces that comprise Maris d’Or are adorned with a hand painted gold rim that lines their undulating edges resulting in a dazzling effect. The shimmer of this gold finish enhances the porcelain and the detailed texture, alluding to the reflection of sunbeam on sea waves. Maris d’Or brings a dynamic element to the table, complemented by an exceptional look and unique tactile experience.

Judge’s Comment: “Applause to Porcel for creating their stunning new dinnerware shape.”


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