Istanbul-based global design brand NUDE has launched Ghost Zero, a revolutionary collection of super fine yet tough glassware made with Ion Shielding Technology from lead-free crystal. With an emphasis on sophisticated and elegant design, Ghost Zero is a finer, lighter version of NUDE’s signature collection, Stem Zero.  

Two distinct styles make up the Ghost Zero range: Belly and Tulip. Tulip offers a contemporary take on a classic glass seen in its curvaceous bowl and gentry tapered rim, expertly shaped to magnify flavours. Belly challenges conventions with its bulbous bowl that transitions into tapering straight sides designed to intensify and funnel aromas. Each style is available in red, white or sparkling alongside a complementing water glass, all meticulously handmade by NUDE’s skilled artisans.

Ion Shielding Technology is NUDE’s revolutionary surface modification technology based on an ion-exchange process. Larger ions replace smaller ions in the glass surface, suppressing the micro-fissures that cause glass to crack. The result is incredibly tough, yet exquisitely fine, lead-free crystal glass that will satisfy the most discerning wine connoisseur. Its delicate design brings a weightlessness to the vessel, allowing one to fully savour the aroma and taste of the wine. 

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