Villeroy&Boch have added a new colourway to the 'it's my match' collection - Mineral, an on-trend grey-green shade.

Fresh colourway added to ‘it’s my match’ collection

Young, fun, fresh, bright and breezy, Villeroy & Boch has added a new colourway to the ‘it’s my match’ collection.

Mineral is a calming, on-trend, grey-green shade which joins Powder (a light pink), Green and White to make the collection – available in the two patterned effects of Uni and Leaf – even more diverse and appealing.

The setting includes a multifunctional bowl, serving dish, mug and plate – each colourway works singularly or in coordination – creating a visual feast for the eyes.

The collection also boasts special haptic appeal with all the pieces showcasing glazed insides and polished external surfaces, creating an exciting sensory experience.

Not only that, new glasses available in two different sizes and two colours – straight water and long drink glasses in Clear or Mineral – has also been added to the mix.

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