100 per cent recycled glass – that is the exciting USP of Iittala’s latest limited-edition collection. The company’s new design icon collection has been crafted using recycled waste glass from the Iittala Glass Factory.

The company points out that sustainability has always been central to its existence, so a collection made entirely of recycled glass makes sense.

In spring 2019 the Iittala Glass Factory was one of the world’s first industrial

manufacturers to create tumblers solely from waste glass, and now comes the new special edition collection made entirely of waste glass.

The limited-edition collection will include iconic designs such as the Aalto vase (160 mm), the Aalto tealight candleholder (60 mm), the Kastehelmi tumbler (30 cl), the Kastehelmi tealight candleholder (60 mm), and the Raami tumbler (26 cl).

The colours of the collection, which depend on the waste glass used in the production, vary from cool blue colours of the sea to calming shades of green. Each recycled glass object is unique, which means some might have minor visual imperfections, such as small bubbles, due to the recycling process. Otherwise, waste glass objects are as durable, clear and high quality as those made of virgin material.

Interestingly, Iittala’s long-term goal is to recover or recycle all waste from its operations, from manufacturing to retail and offices. Add to that, nearly all Iittala’s objects are packed in recyclable cardboard boxes and the company’s aim is to use only packaging that is 100 per cent renewable— preferably from recycled and reusable materials—in the future.

Recycled glass items have a special engraving and a sticker informing the item is made solely of waste glass from the Iittala Glass Factory.


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