Cassina continues its collaboration with Ginori 1735 and presents the finest porcelain dinner set inspired by the photography of Charlotte Perriand. Hand decorated and characterised by patterns that combine the colours blue and white, this striking set of plates is the perfect proposal to embellish any dinner table.

Each hand-painted design in the Le Monde de Charlotte Perriand collection is an object of poetry and testimonies a conceptual adventure ready to ignite the imagination. The elements of nature photographed by Charlotte Perriand, however unrecognisable at first glance, awaken a series of associations that are recalled during one’s culinary experience. The contours of a patch of snow in the crevices of a stone floor, photographed in the forest of Fontainebleau near Paris in 1934, evoke mythological animals, gorgons or carnival figures. The circular bands of a tree trunk conjure up the hallucinatory face of a lemur or the sensual mouth of an Indian goddess, and a fish bone on a black background remind us of a work tool whose use is unknown.

The Le Monde de Charlotte Perriand collection includes a service plate, a dinner plate, a bowl and a side/ dessert plate, presented in a set of two, with three different decorations that can be mixed and matched. To guarantee authenticity, each piece is marked with the Cassina and Ginori 1735 logos.

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