Glassmaker Krosno has introduced a series of new whisky sets, designed for an elevated drinking experience.


The Gentleman collection from Krosno inspired by Art Deco

Effortless elegance, class and subtle extravagance are words that describe a true gentleman. This is also the case with the new Perfect Serve “Gentleman” collection – handmade glasses and carafes from KROSNO, which were created to celebrate the 100th anniversary of craftsmanship and glass artistry. Inspired by the Art Deco style, the vessels have a delicate, ribbed texture and a rounded form, combining originality with classic style.


Traditional Scotch whisky is considered one of the most unique spirits in the world. Serving and tasting it is an extraordinary and mysterious ritual that allows you to discover flavours and aromas that are inaccessible to everyone. To celebrate these moments, the Perfect Serve “Scotland” handmade collection will be an excellent choice, referring with its form to the vessels from which whisky was drunk by its first Scottish creators and gourmets. Heavy, but fitting perfectly in the hand, they favour unhurried tasting of sophisticated types of Scotch whisky. The Perfect Serve “Scotland” set is a top-notch gift for connoisseurs – either alone or together with the best vintages of this spirit.


Green, endless pastures and the boundless blue sky reflected in cool lakes are the landscapes that inspired the first distillers of noble whiskey. Its best vintages require a setting that will enable the tasting to fully focus on the sensory experience. With this in mind, the handmade Perfect Serve “Sky” collection was created. It includes a carafe and a set of glasses as well as vodka glasses – a sophisticated gift for connoisseurs with refined taste. A simple design and glasses made of perfectly clear, smooth Crystalline glass allow for a flawless assessment of the colour of the whisky. The shape of the Perfect Serve “Sky” glasses, gently expanding upwards, allows the full bouquet of aromas to be recognised.

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