Design brand koziol has turned 95 this month. Referring to itself as ‘The Sustainable Brand’ – the family-owned company from Erbach in the Odenwald forest has produced exclusively in Germany out of conviction, guaranteeing resource-saving and environmentally friendly production, as sustainability has always been a core value of the brand.

“In principle, we think like a start-up. Only with 95 years of experience,” says CEO Stephan Koziol about the new orientation of the brand and strategy. “And with this great expertise, we are also unique in the market. We help our customers to act more sustainably and stand for unique, award-winning products, responsible use of resources and environmentally friendly production. Happiness is sustainability!”

The company is optimistic about the future, and Daniel Koziol, the third generation of entrepreneurs is already working on the development of the brand and continuing the tradition of the family business responsibly and with fresh ideas. “We appreciate every person who contributes to our success and are grateful for our entire team, which is made up of dedicated employees, the best engineers and technicians, and designers from all over the world,” says the young CEO. “Our goal is to inspire with our contemporary design and provide a glimpse into a future with responsible production, ethical behaviour, circular thinking and organic aesthetics.”

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