Hospitality Glassware was won by United Tables Fortessa’s Trevi.

United Tables Fortessa's Sven Stockinger, Managing Director accepted the award for Hospitality Glassware at the Tableware International Awards of Excellence.

The TREVI collection by Fortessa represent a perfect combination of modernity, tradition, and design. It’s an homage to the iconic “Römer” glasses that have graced German tables for generations, infusing a modern twist into a classic mid-century design. TREVI offers a compelling urban statement with four versatile glass sizes: sparkling wine/champagne, red wine/water, white wine, and an allround glass for an extensive range of beverage choices. Each glass is a testament to precision craftsmanship and attention to detail. The distinctive grooved structure on the black base sets TREVI apart, making it a unique and visually captivating collection.

The design of the TREVI fashion glasses was conceived by Carsten Gollnick. His design adds depth to the story of the glasses, emphasizing their uniqueness. These handmade glasses are not just products but art pieces designed with love and attention to detail. The entire design journey, from the initial concept to the creation of the first prototype and finalized in handmade products is a transformative process where every detail is scrutinized, refined, and perfected.

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