Glashütte Valentin Eisch GmbH is the winner of the Coffee/Teaware category with UNIK Espresso

As a traditional glass brand, family-run since 1946, EISCH Germany stands for the design of glass as a creative element of tableware at the highest level. Together with her cousin Eberhard Eisch, the designer Julia Eisch is the third generation to run the glassworks.

Julia Eisch was looking for a vessel for coffee enjoyment that has as many parallels as possible to fine and sophisticated espresso in terms of production and appearance. Thanks to the long tradition of the Eisch family in the glass trade, familiar with the sensitivity of glass as a material, similarities were quickly found in the properties of coffee and glass.

“The UNIK espresso glass is a very individual, freely formed glass. The free form and noticeable, individual expression of the glassmaker has a long tradition at Eisch. In the 1950s, the co-founder of the company, the glass artist Erwin Eisch, liberated glass from its functionality and turned it into a means of artistic expression.”

Julia Eisch

Each Eisch Unik espresso glass is freely formed by hand in front of an open flame from heat-resistant glass, which makes it unique and individual. Due to the organic shape, the glass lies very comfortably in the hand. The gold painters at Glashütte Eisch refine the glasses with 24-carat gold or platinum, which gives the glasses a singular value that makes espresso enjoyment a very special sensory experience. The hazelnut brown crema of the espresso is reflected in the shiny gold inside the glass. Deviations in shape due to the respective handwriting of the glassblower are characteristics of Unik and give the glasses their special beauty. The saucer is finished by hand in a black stone look.

Tableware International

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