Ginori 1735 has brought together nine creatives to work on an astonishing artistic initiative dubbed Reborn. The collective of renowned artists, designers and decorators have been united for the Ginori Art Collection to each design a unique table service, as well as pieces of furniture and objects, entirely handmade from the stocks of virgin pieces of the historical Italian porcelain manufacturer.

Marking a new chapter in the history of the Ginori Art Collection, the Reborn project is a unique celebration of tableware, design and creativity. It was thanks to a visit to some workshops in and around Florence that Ginori 1735 asked Frédéric Chambre, who imagined offering nine artists, decorators and designers a blank page for each one to design a unique table service and some decorative pieces.

Jacques Grange’s coffee table collection

The basis for this unprecedented project was the stock of decommissioned items that did not fully meet the high-quality requirements of Ginori 1735. A tiny scratch, a micro-detail invisible to the naked eye, an almost undetectable difference in volume have allowed, over the years, the creation of a stock of items – plates, bowls, tureens, vases, etc. – absolutely one of a kind, which has now become an unprecedented creative playground.

Giuseppe Ducrot’s tea collection

Decorator Jacques Grange and gallery owner Pierre Passebon were the first to be seduced by this idea, and were soon joined by seven accomplices sensitive to the values of freedom, spontaneity, fantasy and uniqueness of Reborn: Paloma Picasso, Marina de Grèce, Mattia Bonetti, Bella Silva, Ivan Terestchenko, Hélène Dalloz Bourguignon and Giuseppe Ducrot. Each of them designed a service of 54 unique pieces, as well as tureens, pedestal tables, coffee tables, lamps and floor lamps, ranging from the abstract to the figurative, from poetry to graphic lines to high fashion allusions. All are signed on the back and come with a certificate of authenticity.

Marina Karella’s table collection

This first edition of Reborn will be presented at the Galerie du Passage from 2 November, in a particular specific setting at the emblematic address of the Passage Vérot-Dodat. The Reborn project will then open up to various collaborations in the most important art capitals of the world, including Milan of course.

Pierre Passebon’s table collection

“It is an extraordinary challenge that we, along with Frédéric Chambre, wanted to offer to nine great international artists, decorators and designers: to imagine and create some unique pieces, to transform iconic objects of our collections into true works of art. Their creative sensitivity has allowed us to go far beyond our expectations, thanks to the perfect dialogue between art, craft and design that constitutes the true identity of Ginori 1735,” said Alain Prost, president and CEO of Ginori 1735.

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