Fürstenberg is presenting Tessuto ­– an elegant decor created by French designer Sylvie Langet for the Carlo tableware series. In a way that is almost reminiscent of fabrics, fine lines blend together with contrasting colour gradations to create a harmonious overall effect that calls to mind the texture of premium weaves for modern interiors. Delicate gold edges add a touch of glamour. Carlo Tessuto combines German craftsmanship with Italian elegance and French charm to bring a maritime lifestyle to urban environments.

Alongside Oro, Este, Rajasthan and Zigrino, Tessuto is now the fifth decor in the Carlo tableware series.

Tessuto thrives on the interplay between harmony and contrast. A rich dark blue, a vivid red/orange and a soft light blue come together to create fascinating compositions. At the same time, each colour within the design comprises fine lines in sometimes sharply contrasting hues. In turn, these come together to present a balanced colour scheme to the beholder. Thanks to the symmetry of the patterns and the familiar visual motif of a woven texture, the abstract decor assumes a poised tranquillity and a modern-day elegance. 24-carat gold edges, which are applied by hand, underscore the exclusivity and timelessness of the design.

“I am fascinated by contrasts. Tessuto is an exciting interplay between masculine structures and fine feminine elegance. The ambivalence of the colours lend the decor a positive sense of drama that unites in an overall impression of balanced symmetry,” remarks Sylvie Langet, describing her inspiration. The textile motif is a modern interpretation of the interconnectedness of apparent opposites: light and dark colours, movement and calm, urban and maritime environments.

Carlo Tessuto interweaves the bright colours of the Côte d’Azur with the joie de vivre of the Italian dolce vita to create elegant porcelain tableware. In this regard, Tessuto can be individually combined with either the white form of Carlo or the gold décor Oro making mix & match a source of inspiration for contemporary dining culture – from Hamburg to New York and from the Baltic Sea to the Mediterranean. 


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