DATUM is the first porcelain tableware range Foster + Partners has designed in collaboration with the Porzellanmanufaktur FÜRSTENBERG has been expanded with two new colourways – stone grey and slate black.

The DATUM design follows a pure, strict geometry. The dimensions of all pieces are calibrated using a grid matrix, resulting in a versatile tableware that is stackable in five product groups. This formal geometry allows limitless combinations for individual uses. For example, a plate can also be used as the lid of a bowl to cover food and store it sustainably. DATUM received the Red Dot Product Design Award in 2023 for its high design quality.

Datum now comes in new colurways

The DATUM porcelain series is available in two white versions: firstly, the classic gloss glaze on the inside and outside, as well as a further version featuring a matt satin glaze on the external faces and a gloss glaze on the inside. The interplay between glossy and matt white expresses the unique tactility, purity and reflectivity of the material.

The two white versions are now complemented by various items in stone grey and slate black. The addition of these two elegant, yet timeless colours results in a unique dining culture inspired by contemporary architectural design. Stone grey is a cool and harmoniously pale shade. Slate black is a fascinating colour, with blue and green hues that are revealed when light falls at a certain angle. Both colour variants are handmade in the factory from solid-coloured porcelain clay, and refined with a shiny glaze.

Made entirely of porcelain, the double-walled DATUM to-go thermo mug is the first of its kind from FÜRSTENBERG. With a body thickness of just two and a half millimetres, the cup is unexpectedly light. The double-walled design of the to-go thermo mug keeps coffee and tea hotter for longer, while the exterior remains cool enough to hold. The to-go thermo mug is available in seven variants: glossy white, satin white, stone grey, slate black or with a red, grey or blue dot pattern.

A further sophisticated highlight of the DATUM collection comes in the form of the porcelain French press coffee pot. Developing a porcelain cylinder with completely straight inner sides represented one of the major challenges for the porcelain manufacturer’s modellers. The celebrated French press coffee can only be achieved if the coffee filter can be pushed downwards in a straight line and flush on all edges. The elegant design of the French press blends harmoniously into the table setting.


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