The Bar Collection by Zieher livens up the bar scene with new characters that are destined for creations beyond the cocktail mainstream. Each jar playfully picks up on a different theme including The Vikings and The Knobbed.

Made of particularly break-proof and temperature-resistant borosilicate glass, the collection not only offers an extravagant outer shell, but with a capacity of up to 500 ml, also provides plenty of space for countless recipes.

All of the glasses are easy to combine, despite their differences. Matching accessories, such as trays, straws and skewers, create possibilities that go far beyond serving a drink.

“The Pill” inspires many connotations: The risks and side effects of the drinks served in these glasses range from the feeling of well-being after consuming various healthy drinks to the intoxicating effects of high-proof cocktail creations.

“The Vikings” are vaguely reminiscent of the headgear of the ancient seafarers. They offer a large, clear chalice on satined feet, in which cocktails can be staged. The two-footed variant surprises with its tilted position, while the three-foot option appears stable yet almost floating.

“The Knobbed” plays with its content, because the attached knobs imitate the bubbles of carbonic acid in a funny way.

A nice addition to the series is the “Amuse” pourer which is made of red glass and provides a playful coloured accent. The pourer is suitable for glass straws with a diameter of up to 8 mm.

The dash bottle “Eddy – dash!” for dosing bitter or sour ingredients is an important part of the collection. A fitting squirt dispenser comes with every bottle. Based on the well-known “Eddy” wine decanters from Zieher, in addition to being used as a dash bottle, it can also be used to serve cocktails, allowing the ingredients to be mixed right before the drink is enjoyed.

The smallest “Eddy” can also be used in the restaurant. Zieher offers suitable cruets and matching bottle pourers with hygienic sealing caps, enabling the Eddy-dash! to be used as an oil or vinegar bottle.


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