Editorial callout for October’s Tableware International

Tableware International Aug Sept 2020

We are now working on the October issue of Tableware International and we would love to feature your company and products.

This month we feature:

Cutlery/Flatware â€“ up to 150 words and max three hi-res images on new or bestselling collections. Please see some questions below which we would love answered along with a headshot.

  • In your experience, does cutlery sell as well online as in brick and mortar stores?
  • If no, why do you think that is? / If yes, why do you think that is?
  • How can we grow the sale of flatware online?
  • What advancements have been made in merchandising flatware in store? 
  • How have sales of cutlery been over the past number of months?
  • In terms of products what extensions to the “usual” cutlery pieces are popular with consumers? (For example, specific fish knives etc.)
  • Finally, what elements combine to make up the perfect knife and the perfect fork?

Decorative â€“ up to 150 words and max three hi-res images on pieces which add pizazz to the home. Please see some questions below which would be great to have answered. And include a headshot with your answers if possible.

  • Does creating decorative pieces encourage more artistic prowess in the industry?
  • What material works best for a decorative piece? (glass, metal etc)
  • Do you find decorative pieces perform better in certain territories? If yes, where?
  • How do you encourage the sale of decorative pieces when there is a favour towards minimalism and more low-key pieces?
  • Does price-point impact the sale of decorative pieces? E.g are consumers more likely to invest in a higher ticket item if it has some special design element to it?

New products â€“ A focus on collections/pieces fore retail not featured in the magazine before

HoReCa: new products â€“ products aimed at the hospitality market 

The Chef’s Table â€“ show us your products in action/being used in the hospitality industry.

Trend: Autumn calling â€“ up to 150 words and max three hi-res images on pieces on collections/pieces featuring autumnal shades/motifs (copper/brown/gold/orange etc pieces with leaves/trees/autumn scenes)

Trend: Shimmer and shine â€“ up to 150 words and max of three hi-res images on collections/pieces with gold/silver/high shine/shimmer etc. 

Viewpoints: We want to know… Which international territories are performing strongly for you at the moment and what is selling well there? Please include your headshot along with the answer.

Deadline for inclusion is 21 September but please reach out if you have any issues with that.

Send your editorial to mairead@lemapublishing.co.uk.

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