Digital sales and marketing focus of new BHETA webinar series

A series of webinars focusing on how to maximise sales via digital channels is being launched by BHETA.

The content ranges from setting up in ecommerce, to creating a commercially sound overall digital strategy to driving sales with social media. The series is being hosted by new BHETA business service provider Brew and the first webinar ‘How to start in ecommerce’ takes place at 10.30am on Tuesday, 21 July.

The new initiative has been driven both by the immense popularity of the BHETA webinar programme which commenced at the start of lockdown; together with the findings of BHETA’s latest quarterly report.  This covered the economic impact of the lockdown period and documented the positive sales achieved by home enhancement suppliers who were able to reach out to consumers online.

‘How to start in ecommerce’ will be presented by Andrew Rastall, CEO of Brew and is particularly suitable for BHETA members who currently have little or no ecommerce facility. This webinar will outline the principles and process needed to scope, commission and build an effective website successfully and cost-effectively, and will focus on the functional elements a business will need to consider when buying an e-commerce website, as opposed to a simple online brochure. 

Commenting on the ecommerce webinar and the digital webinar series in general, BHETA’s marketing manager, Steve Richardson said, “The economic fall-out of Covid-19 has demonstrated that not having a decent, fit for purpose website is simply not an option for home enhancement suppliers; and BHETA is determined to support supplier members who need to bring their online presence up to speed.

“The digital webinar series will cover all aspects of digital sales and marketing, not just ecommerce, enabling members to create a robust digital strategy to suit their individual business.  It will focus on the technical and strategic requirements; but later, will also include a couple of sessions on the creation of appropriate content as the home enhancement sector regenerates. 

“All the webinars are around 20 minutes long followed by opportunities for questions, and while each one can be accessed as standalone session, taken as a series they represent a comprehensive course on a very important and topical subject, all for a commitment of around three hours.”

To register for the first BHETA digital webinar, including the opportunity to pose questions to Brew about specific ecommerce requirements, contact Nicola Adams in BHETA Member Services on Nicola will also be able to provide further information about the digital webinar series overall, as well as other BHETA events and initiatives.

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