The artisans at Cumbria Crystal have hand crafted a limited-edition piece to celebrate the Coronation of King Charles lll on 6 May, 2023.

The limited-edition, hand-blown, hand-cut, gold-gilded crystal baluster, known as The Cumbria Baluster takes 10 days to handcraft by the small team of glass artists in the English Lake District. Interestingly, just 50 celebratory balusters will be crafted.

The Cumbria Baluster has been handcrafted, taking 10 days to make by a team of glass artists

Hand-blown by master blowers Steve McDougal, Andrew Round and Adele Clark before being hand cut by master cutter Robert Thomson, each Coronation Crystal Glass passes through the hands of four additional artisans within our small factory prior to gilding.

Both the King’s Royal Cypher and the Coronation Emblem are meticulously engraved by hand by master engraver, Anton Satterthwaite. The crystal is then adorned with precious 24 carat gold gilding by one of the few masters of this skill remaining in England.

It is presented in a luxury box, complete with an authentication letter, confirming the number from the edition.

Just 50 pieces will be made by Cumbria Crystal

The Coronation Baluster stands at 22.5cm (8.85 inches) tall this crystal glass is a true work of art and will be admired generation after generation. Hailing from the classic Georgian style Grasmere collection, the historic baluster shape was introduced to Cumbria Crystal’s ranges by Lady Grania Cavendish, one of the original founders of Cumbria Crystal, in 1976.

In 1985, Queen Elizabeth ll was gifted a pair of gold gilded Cumbria Balusters on visiting the Cumbria Crystal factory. Naturally, this glass epitomises the essence of regal celebration both then and now, which is why it was chosen to mark such an important event in British history.

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