In celebration of Burleigh Pottery’s 170th anniversary, the Staffordshire-based company has launched a special anniversary mug.

The anniversary mug is a celebration of Burleigh’s iconic Regal Peacock pattern. The design has been reimagined with a contemporary blue accent glaze, which is reminiscent of the rare production of ‘flow ware,’ or printed ceramics featuring a halo around their patterns where the ink has run. This technique and design was hugely popular in Burleigh’s early history.

The last pottery of its kind in many respects, Burleigh is the last pottery in the world to practice under-glaze tissue transfer printing, which is a Victorian method of ceramic decoration. Ink is applied to copper rollers, which is then used to apply the print to tissue paper. The inky paper is then applied to the ‘biscuit’ ceramicware by highly skilled decorators at Middleport Pottery, the factory out of which Burleigh has always operated.

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