Barware award winner is Sieger by Fürstenberg – Sip of Gold – Beautiful Creatures

Barware award winner Fuerstanberg

The tumbler series Beautiful Creatures from SIEGER by FÜRSTENBERG pays tribute to the beauty and variety of animal species.

Designer Michael Sieger created five versions that are colourfully decorated with elephants, tigers, polar bears, blue whales and octopuses. The tumblers also send an important message: wild animals living in their natural habitats are endangered and need our protection. That’s why part of the proceeds will be donated to the wildlife rescue organisation National Park Rescue. The wafer-thin porcelain tumblers are meticulously handcrafted and plated with 24-carat gold on the inside, which is applied with exquisite delicacy of touch.

Barware SIEGER DESIGNSip of Gold – Beautiful Creatures

In the Porzellanmanufaktur FÜRSTENBERG studios, Michael Sieger’s designs are transformed into products of exceptional quality and fineness. The Beautiful Creatures series was inspired by a tumbler that was created in partnership with Dr. Barbara Sturm in 2021. A portion of proceeds from this model – named Precious Companions – likewise goes to National Park Rescue.

Michael Sieger designed the Beautiful Creatures tumblers with loving attention to detail. Against the patterned backgrounds, the animals stand out with their own distinctive character. The five animal species come from different parts of the world and represent both the beauty and the vulnerability of nature. These species are endangered by poaching, dwindling habitats and ocean pollution. Polar bears are also emblematic of the dangers of climate change, as rising air and water temperatures pose an extreme threat to their survival.

Human activity threatens our planet’s biodiversity, with over a million plant and animal species now classed as endangered. The Beautiful Creatures series is intended to make a small contribution to tackling a big challenge. It helps to support the organisation National Park Rescue, which actively works for wildlife protection and conservation.

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