The AURÉOLE tableware collection which FÃœRSTENBERG developed in collaboration with the Korean master ceramicist Kap-Sun Hwang, has captured the interplay between sun and moon in the elegant form of AURÉOLE by presenting the centres of the plate as a raised stage, while cups open up like magnolia blossoms facing the sun. Yet the collection is suitable for everyday life with easy stackability and drip-free jugs.

Kap-Sun Hwang is one of the most renowned master ceramicists of today, and AURÉOLE is a sophisticated form that appears to move weightlessly between ancient Asian porcelain traditions and modern European craftsmanship. 

The numerous variations of the CLAIR DE LUNE decor also allow individual combinations and bring modern elegance to the table. The design initially appears to be an abstract geometrical pattern, but upon closer inspection it symbolises the changing of the moon, characterised by light and shadow.

Just as the moon has always inspire imagination, the diverse design variants in black, white and 24-carat gold of CLAIR DE LUNE are also perfect for individual combinations. Decorated plate rims, bowls and cups become the orbit of the heavenly body.

The breakfast table thus becomes its own universe.

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