Ambiente in new global partnership with ByDesign

From left: Mike Chapman, Executive Producer, America ByDesign, Una Maybin, Head of Production, America ByDesign, Julia Uherek, Vice President, Messe Frankfurt Exhibition GmbH, Scott Henderson, Designer and Presenter, America ByDesign

Ambiente has formed a new partnership with ByDesign, producers of the globally recognised collection of design television series’.

Ambiente will be featured in episode 1 of America ByDesign: Innovations, airing on the CBS News Streaming Network at 7:30pm, Saturday, 12 November. Additionally, Ambiente will feature in the first Europe ByDesign series which will showcase innovation and design excellence launching in 2023.

With this new partnership, Messe Frankfurt plans to take the consumer goods landscape to the next level – displaying the best in dining, living, giving, working, and contract business/hospitality on screen. Together, the two forward-thinking organisations will fuse Ambiente’s focus on outstanding design with ByDesign’s global experience with storytelling for screen, zooming in on Ambiente’s mission of sustainability, responsible design and production, craftsmanship, advanced technology and global style complimented by the fresh perspectives of the respected ByDesign hosts.

“I think design nowadays is a very democratic product, so therefore it is very good to have this discussion in front of a big audience. I think that’s the beauty of America ByDesign,” says Detlef Braun, member of the executive board, Messe Frankfurt.

The collaboration will kick-off with a dynamic spotlight on Ambiente during the third season of the America ByDesign: Innovation series, which is scheduled to premiere on 12 November on the CBS News Streaming Network at, all CBS News mobile apps, ByDesign’s YouTube channel and the website.

It will air on the Linear TV CBS broadcast in February 2023. The show will provide audiences with deep insight into what it takes to imagine, create, and bring to life the new and impossible. The series showcases impactful design and new concepts from the most innovative and established brands in the United States. Each episode also includes featured ‘Spotlights’ showcasing outstanding international design stories.

“We are excited to embark upon this adventure in collaboration with the ByDesign team. After all, where better to find good design than at the trade fair with the leading consumer goods brands in the world – Ambiente. It happens in Frankfurt every February, and we want to share the excitement with our global audience,” says Julia Uherek, vice president consumer goods fairs.

“More and more, audiences want to know how products are created and are genuinely interested in how design can improve their quality of life. Messe Frankfurt and Ambiente are at the forefront of this movement. ByDesign brings a globally recognized style of design-storytelling, and we are thrilled to partner alongside an organization with an unrivalled legacy within the design community and beyond,” adds ByDesign co-founder, Mike Chapman.

The America ByDesign: Innovation series, will premiere on November 12th on the CBS News Streaming Network at, all CBS News mobile apps, ByDesign’s YouTube channel, and the website. It will air on the Linear TV CBS broadcast in February 2023. Season 1 of Europe ByDesign is slated for Summer 2023.

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